If the Sacramento Kings, the first half of the next season doesn't perform up to expectations they are more likely to trade small forward Rudy gay. There were rumours that the Chicago bulls, the guy has always been very interested in, and from the Angle of the salary, the deal can be done.

The Fansided website basketball expert mather, said about the guy in the transaction, the bulls could send Kentucky - Gibson and doug - McDermott.

If you can get the guy, the bulls will has a highly explosive line-up, but also will increase their chances of winning.

First of all, cheap Bulls Derrick Rose jerseys the guy to be able to develop his own shot on the pitch. Last season, he can in the Kings averaged 21.1 points. In addition, his arm exhibition and sport ability will let the bulls have another except Jimmy butler defender on the wing.

With the bulls, gay is expected to become a third reckoning after Derek Ross and butler, and in the bulls new coach Fred - hoy's fast-paced offense, guy a lot of scoring opportunities will come from the dunk and rushing in the empty pick up.

The deal brought bulls another benefit will appear when they face the cavaliers, especially for lebron James' defense. The bulls last season's starting small forward mike dunleavy is a good pitcher that decide a dot, but he can't dribble or a pair of create his own shot, more is dependent on guard breakthrough points of the ball.

When the bull with knight, James does not need to be in a defensive dunleavy, able to focus more on the Derrick Rose jerseys for sale offensive end. If the bulls get guy, James had to defensive guy cheap Derrick Rose jerseys free shipping on the pitch, because the guy is a great offensive weapon, he could even attract double in the low post, and open the passing lanes and shots for his team-mates.

Upon completion of the transaction, the bulls can discharge such a lineup: Ross, butler, guy, rice Luo Diji and pau gasol. At the same time, aron - Brooks, joakim Noah and Tony snell will form a deadly bench.

In view of the bulls at the core of the cheap Derrick Rose jerseys supply team, they are in a "win in the moment" mode, pau gasol and Noah had passed 30 years old, rose would have been a third knee surgery. Although Ross in the playoffs wholesale Derrick Rose jerseys from china this year had some exciting performance and the speed of the past, but adding Rudy - guy will boost the bulls offense and defense, as well as the depth of the squad.

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